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We are passionate about helping New Jersey homeowners avoid the stress of selling their houses the traditional way and beautifying one house at a time.

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About Holly Nance Group

HNG is the largest single-family home buyer in Mercer and Burlington County. Purchasing over 1000 properties. We have been in business since 2006. We treat each transaction special and we treat each seller with the highest level of care. Test our service out and you will quickly find this to be true!

The mission of the company is to make real estate purchases and selling as easy as pie, for everybody from regular homeowners to investors too. As noted by Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine, Mr. Holly was one of the FIRST visionaries of the “turnkey real estate” investing concept at the young age of 25. Holly Nance Group is excited to hear from you and see just what we can do to help you out. Let’s get started today!

Meet Our Team

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Mr. Holly has over 16 years in business he has bought and sold over 1200+ properties in the NJ/PA market. Mr. Holly is responsible for over $150,000,000 in transactions. HNG focuses on providing sellers (Individuals, Banks, and Municipalities) with custom-tailored options to sell their properties. Mr. Holly has been recognized by several publications as one of the revolutionaries in the single-family investing industry.

On top of the expansion of his own business, Mr. Holly has created several real estate-related companies such as property management, construction, mortgage financing, real estate brokerage, and real estate education programs. With many accomplishments in the real estate world, Mr. Holly has held his personal life in the same regard. He and his brother Phillip were recruited to Division 1 Savannah State University, where they both received a full scholarship to play baseball. Mr. Holly feels the most fulfilled by being able to give back to

his Church, Youth baseball, Disabled Veterans, and disadvantaged African American Youth in his hometown. He is married to Dr. Danielle Holly and has a son Jr. and a daughter Quinn.

Mother Phyllis was a City Council Member in the capital of NJ and realtor/investor, Father William owns a construction company and real estate development company.

Outside of family life and life of service, Will Holly speaks all across the country; educating individuals on how to build a perfect “boutique” real estate business. Holly Nance Group LLC has two operating offices located in Hamilton and Princeton, NJ.\

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How We Work With Homeowners

Curious about how any of it works? Feel free to be in touch with any questions. We’d be happy to talk and see just how we can help you out. Our mission is to get you out from under the house that is holding you back right now. You can contact us anytime to get an offer rolling or with any questions you may have about the process.

Call Holly Nance Group Today At (609) 473-3370

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The Pros & Cons of Selling Your House to A Local
Professional Home Buyer – FREE Guide: 

Download our FREE Guide here and contact us anytime with any questions. We also offer free Situation Evaluations. That is what we call it when we consider your entire tough situation and let you know just how we think is best for you to proceed., People love it, and this is something we do to help inform our local community.

Want to know more? You can call us at (609) 473-3370. We can explain the ins and outs of selling your house to us via our Cash Offer Program. Questions and answers are free, and so is our cash offer. What do you have to lose? Nothing, besides that huge headache of a house!